The month of September is now behind us, so here we present estimated Tesla U.S. sales figures. September is an end-of-the-quarter month, so we expect strong sales results.

With the recent news of the 100,000 Tesla delivery target for Q3, all eyes are now on whether or not the automaker hit the mark. While we don't have those results just yet, we do have our estimates for U.S. Tesla sales for September, so let's dive right in.

***UPDATE: Following the release of Tesla's Q3 sales report, we've made some adjustments to our previously reported figures. Our original estimates still remain down below, but here's some new context and sales figures:

Tesla had a strong quarter hitting a new delivery record of 97,000 units. Although for our personal expectations it came in a bit short in the Model 3 department. We were expecting just shy of 100,000 units delivered globally and the disparity was entirely due to Model 3.

The X and S slightly beat our expectations which was a welcome change of pace for 2019.

The first quarter of a new market launch is always difficult and more likely to require some adjustment at the end of the quarter. So we have updated our U.S. sales chart to account for the lower than expected global Model 3 numbers and the higher than anticipated UK and Australia numbers.

Model 3 July: 12,550 (-900)
Model 3 Aug: 12,350 (-800)
Model 3 Sep: 19,100 (-1200)

So far Europe deliveries are looking solid for Q3 according to EV-Sales. Meanwhile, by most accounts, China Model 3 numbers continue to underwhelm as Chinese consumers await the first production at Gigafactory 3. While we will not have a better picture of global deliveries for some time, we will make further adjustments if needed once more numbers come in.

Comparing September 2019 to June 2019, Model 3 sales in the U.S. are down, Model S sales are down and Model X sales are down.

Again though, something big is happening overseas and we'll see exactly what that is when Tesla releases its Q3 sales report.

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