The evolution of photovoltaic cells will bring significant benefits to personal mobility. Not only by providing a clean source of energy to houses, but also directly to cars. We have already written about Hanergy and its Chinese K-Car, which powers from the sun. It got in touch with us with more news. We’ll write about them soon. We just had to mention Hanergy because Aptera Motors had a very similar idea. It will offer Never Charge, an option for Aptera owners to avoid plugging their cars to any power outlet. Eventually forever.

Aptera Reveals Ressurection Details And How It Plans Not To Die Again

According to Aptera, Never Charge is a “solar complement integrated into the surface of the Aptera’s body.” We would love to see how it looks, and where exactly engineers have placed it. Unfortunately, the company did not release any images of the option so far. We bet it is on the dark part of the body, one above the waistline, for seamless integration.

Aptera Reveals Ressurection Details And How It Plans Not To Die Again

Aptera says Never Charge will provide the equivalent in energy to up to 40 miles (64 km) of range every day. The high efficiency of its solar cells is only part of the story. Its energy efficiency can receive most of the credits for that.

The video above presents all major technical aspects of the new car, including its in-wheel motors, sourced by Elaphe Propulsion. But the song reminds us of another one, which you can see below.

The Aptera will be a very aerodynamic car, with an energy consumption of only 100 Wh/mi. It also helps that it will be extremely light, at 1,800 lb (around 815 kg). That will make it travel around 1,000 mi (1,600 km) with its biggest battery pack, which delivers 100 kWh.

The car’s solar panels may be enough for people that travel less than 40 miles every day to save energy. It could even help them make a weekend trip without ever having to charge the car conventionally.

Aptera Reveals Ressurection Details And How It Plans Not To Die Again

“A no-fuel transportation option is finally possible, the result of Aptera’s efficient vehicle technology and today’s leading solar cells. This is a genuinely off-grid solution and something that can power my home,” said one of Aptera co-CEOs, Steve Fambro.

We have done an exclusive interview with the company’s other co-CEO, Chris Anthony, and also an extensive article on Aptera’s plans and technical details of the car. Have a look at them to learn more about the new Aptera. If you are a fan, pray for it to be free of any stranger things along its path to production.

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