An exclusive report from Reuters on the General Motors - United Automobile Workers (UAW) talks for the future of the Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly in Detroit brings a lot of interesting unofficial info about possible new BEVs.

According to rumors, GM is running a BT1 (might be: "battery electric 1") electric truck/SUV program, which includes a family of pickup trucks and SUVs that would be sold under various brands from 2021.

On the table is even the defunct Hummer brand, which might be a starting point for a new premium electric truck brand.

"General Motors plans to build a new family of premium electric pickup trucks and sport-utility vehicles at its Detroit-Hamtramck plant beginning in late 2021, possibly reviving the imposing Hummer brand on some of them, several people familiar with the plans said."

We can only guess that the re-launch of Hummer to sell BEVs would be aimed at Rivian (related to Ford), Tesla and others. Using the Hummer brand possibly would be important from a marketing standpoint.

In late 2021, GM is expected to start low-volume production of an electric pickup truck, followed by new models/derivatives from 2022 (including performance version and GMC brand). And electric SUV would be ready in 2023 (possibly under the Cadillac brand).

All the BT1 models should be built on a new dedicated EV platform with "skateboard" architecture.

"GM’s BT1 program includes an electric pickup for the GMC brand and an electric SUV for Cadillac, both due in 2023, the sources said.

Before then, GM plans to begin low-volume production in late 2021 of the first BT1 model, a pickup, under a different brand, the source said. A performance variant of the pickup will be added to that brand in 2022, followed by an electric SUV in 2023.

One of the sources said the Hummer name is “under consideration” but a decision has not been finalized. The pickup is codenamed “Project O.”"

Full production (possibly at up to 80,000 annually) would be reached in 2024.

To support BEV expansion, GM is also expected to open a battery plant as a joint venture with one of the lithium-ion cell manufacturers.

"As part of its plans around EVs, GM plans to open a battery plant near its closed Lordstown, Ohio, factory that sources have said would be a joint venture and is part of plans to invest another $1.3 billion in non-GM plants in the United States over the next four years."

It seems that after 2020, the EV competition will move to the heavyweight category for real and manufacturers are already in the starting blocks.

Source: Reuters

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