Check out this latest render of the Tesla pickup truck. This cyberpunk, sci-fi render of the upcoming Tesla truck combines cues from the lone teaser released by Elon Musk with elements of ruggedness and bits from the future.

This particular render comes to us via an unusual source. You'd be shocked to learn who rendered it. We say shocked because this is the work of a very young and quite talented designer, artist and creator of a website. As the renderer Joshua Thompson tells InsideEVs:

Joshua Thompson is a 13-year-old designer, artist, car enthusiast, and creator and author of When he is not working on a project, he enjoys spending time with his four siblings, playing Minecraft, and bicycling.

Joshua drew this new Tesla Pickup rendering based on Tesla CEO Elon Musk's recent description. Musk said the truck will look like an armored personal carrier (APC) from the future. Joshua used an image of an APC and the Tesla Pickup teaser for reference and basic sketch pencils to complete his drawing. After the drawing was complete, he transformed it into a digital rendering using Autodesk Sketchbook.

And here's the finished product:

cyber truck

Musk's personnel carrier reference really threw us all off course. We had to change the way of thinking about what the Tesla truck will really look like. In fact, we stumbled upon an old Musk tweet that shows some sort of personnel carrier on Mars (see image below - link to article here). This new render from Joshua brings the truck back down to Earth a bit more in that it's not quite as radical as say a Mars rover.

Tesla Truck On Mars

In the video at the top of this post, you can see this newest Tesla truck render come to life right before your eyes.

Video description via Drivable Designs on YouTube:

Today I am drawing the Tesla Pickup, which is now called "Cybertruck". Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently described the truck as an "armored personal carrier from the future". That means the truck will have to look more rugged than my last Tesla Pickup rendering.

Go to to see a computer render based on this drawing.


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