In April, Tesla CEO Elon Musk put out a tweet of the Starship on Mars. Did he reveal the Tesla truck in that same tweet? Evidence of that truck reveal seems even truer now with recent developments.

UPDATE: Some are taking our original article a little too seriously, so we want to be clear about what we're suggesting. We don't expect the Tesla truck to be a 12-foot tall, 8-wheeled vehicle. Rather, imagine this rover with four normal-sized wheels instead of eight and a bed. In particular, the cab forward design and expansive glass of the rover could be what we're seeing a glimpse of in the mysterious teaser. What that looks like as a street-legal vehicle is anyone's guess, but we think one thing's for certain: the Tesla truck will not look like the trucks we're used to seeing.

Also, we've reached out to Tesla for comment on the Mars rover in this image potentially being related to the Tesla truck's design and will update this article if we receive an answer.

Perhaps we don't need to wait until the official November reveal of the Tesla truck to have a solid idea of what it will truly look like.

With recent remarks from Musk on the outward appearance of the upcoming Tesla truck, the vehicle that was seen in this April 29th tweet basically fits the description. Musk stated that the truck looks more like a futuristic personnel carrier than any of the renders floating around the Internet. And that's precisely what we see right here.

Tesla Truck

Here's the tweet from Musk dated April 29, 2019:


And no, we didn't uncover this ourselves, but rather via a very keen-eyed tipster did who adds that the headlights in the lone teaser released by Musk (see below) are actually on the roof of the Tesla truck and not on the front of the vehicle. Note how the lights match the teaser.

tesla truck teaser

He further states that we should look at the Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT) cues in this Mars image and connect the dots to the armored personnel carrier statement made by Musk.

The wheels and tires on this Mars truck are over the top though, so expect those to be toned down in the real version of the Tesla truck.

And last but not least, the truck seen here on Mars appears to have some sort of fold-down bed sides, which would be a nifty feature unique to Tesla, much like the Falcon Wing doors of the Model X.

The pieces of the puzzle are now coming together. It's certainly in Musk's style to hide something such as this in plain sight. What do you think? Could this be our best look yet at the upcoming Tesla truck?

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