How quickly does the 15.79Wh battery in a Samsung Galaxy S10+ smartphone charge compared to the 76,000Wh battery in this Tesla Model 3?

It wasn't long ago that some smartphones started to offer fast charging. You probably remember the days when your phone would die and you had to charge it overnight. This is not unlike early EVs. With little range, people would use it all and then have to plug the car in and wait until the next day for it to be fully charged again.

As the necessity for improvement grows, companies make upgrades to products. People use their phones more now for a plethora of operations that weren't even possible in the past. We used to just make calls, then we started texting.

Now, many of use our smartphone in ways that we would have never imagined years ago. For this reason, the batteries get low more often and we need to be able to quickly charge them.

This isn't much different from electric cars. More people own them now, people travel greater distances, many EVs have more range, and folks want them to charge more rapidly.

The Galaxy S10+ charges at 15 Watts compared to the Model 3 charging at 150,000 Watts. YouTuber Dirty Tesla begins fast-charging both "devices" at 33%. While the phone indicates that it will be fully charged in 1 hour and 12 minutes, the Tesla says it will be finished in just 50 minutes. Based on this, it appears we have a winner.

Will a huge EV battery really charge quicker than a minuscule phone battery? Check out the brief video to see the final results.

Video Description via Dirty Tesla on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 vs Galaxy S10+ | Which Will Charge Faster? | Charging Race |

I was at a Supercharger and thought it would be fun to see which battery would reach 100% first when started from the same percentage - the huge battery in my Tesla, or the comparably tiny battery in my Galaxy S10+

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