Popular Tesla owner and YouTuber Erik Strait (DAErik) recently bought a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus. It's the least expensive Tesla as shown on the automaker's website ($38,990), although apparently you can still order the Standard Range ($35,400) off the menu by calling Tesla or heading into a store.

For a number of reasons, Strait decided to trade in the SR+ and upgrade. His reasoning seems to make sense. It also proves that Tesla is trying to stay on top of its pricing and feature set situation to guarantee a more positive financial situation going forward.

Tesla doesn't handle pricing like traditional automakers. There's not really an MSRP. Legacy automakers specify an MSRP, though dealers have lots of wiggle room when it comes to the actual sale price.

While Tesla's prices are "fixed," meaning there's no MSRP and there's not really wiggle room for deals, etc., the pricing scheme changes regularly. This all has to do with updates to the vehicles in addition to included versus excluded features, as well as a wealth of other factors.

As Strait explains, the Model 3 Standard Range is an outstanding car that has treated him well. However, he didn't pay for Full Self-Driving in advance. Now that he wants access to that upcoming technology, he believes it just makes more sense to trade the "base" Model 3 in and upgrade to a Long Range AWD vehicle, opt for the Full Self-Driving, along with having access to the advanced maps, web browser, and all other features that Tesla's V10 software update offers.

With Tesla working hard to show a profit, it needs to make its more expensive cars and trim levels as appealing as possible.

Check out the video for more details. Then, let us know if you think Strait made the right choice. Which Model 3 would you choose?

Video Description via DAErik on YouTube:

Why I Returned My SR+ Model 3 to Tesla...

I returned my SR+ Model 3 to Tesla. I have my reasons though. What do you think? Would you make the same choice?

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