What we believe may have been the very first time someone was foolish enough to enable Tesla autopilot during a driver's license test, didn't end well. In fact, the instructor wasn't amused by the stunt and suspended the person's license indefinitely. He wasn't even allowed to drive his Model 3 home from the DMV. 

The good news is the man can retake his test in fifteen days. He also states that since his city is under a full 30-day lockdown due to the resurgence in the number of COVID-19 cases of late, the fifteen-day wait won't be too inconvenient for him. 

The person in the video identifies himself as Kosh and tells us that his troubles began when he received a speeding ticket - that incident is also included in the video, and the police officer also required him to retake his driver's license test for driving recklessly. 

Tesla Autopilot DVM Fail
Kosh and the driving instructor during the failed road test

Kosh then decided to record the driving test and use the autopilot functions in his Model 3 during the road test and post the video on his YouTube channel, TESLAPEG. You can see Kosh turn on autopilot about five times during the short road test drive. Each time you can hear the loud gong of the autopilot engage and then disengage when he turns it off. 

All right, quick question: What was that little blue symbol? Ahh, was that some kind of autosteer or cruise control thing?

Kosh knew he was in trouble when the instructor asked him to sit in a small conference room after completing the test, as that's not the usual protocol. The instructor then asked him what was he turning on and off during the test. Kosh admitted is was a driver's assist system, but tried to say he hardly used it.

It was apparent the instructor wasn't familiar with Tesla vehicles or he would have known exactly what Kosh was turning on. Regardless, he knew it shouldn't have been activated, whatever it was, during a driver's license road test and informed Kosh that he had failed the test and his license would be suspended immediately.  

Honestly, we believe Kosh probably knew what the outcome was going to be before he took the test. I think the only thing that was a little surprising to me is that the instructor didn't ask him what he was doing during the test. He could have stopped him the first time he enabled autopilot, but I suppose his job isn't to help people pass, it's to judge their driving ability.

autopilot DVM road test

The instructor was very professional and explained to Kosh why he needed to fail him. Kosh tried to get him to allow him to drive his car home before the suspension, but that wasn't happening. 

Let this be a lesson to anyone else that's thinking of pulling off a stunt like this during a driver's license road test. It's not worth having to wait to retake the test (and pay for another test), well, unless maybe you're trying to get more views on your YouTube channel...

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