Thanks to the federal tax credit to electric vehicles, the Kandi K27 is currently the cheapest car for sale in the US. That wrecks any excuse for not buying an EV due to price: it is actually the best reason for doing so. But how does the Kandi K27 fare against a Tesla Model 3 Performance in drag racing? That’s what Out Of Spec Reviews decided to check.

Kyle Conner begs everyone not to comment on how silly and predictable this could be because he is pretty aware of that but not sure about some of the situations the K27 may face in its American career. Drag racing against a Model 3 Performance in Chill mode, for example. Would the small EV be able to stand against the Tesla?

Kandi K27

There’s another situation Conner wanted to be sure about: reverse drag racing. How fast can the Kandi K27 go while reversing? What about the Model 3 Performance?

As you may imagine, the tests were made pretty much for fun, and you get how fun it must have been in the video. This David and Goliath war did not present the biblical result in the main battle, but what about the other ones?

To preserve the same spirit that created this video, we will not tell you about them. It is more entertaining to check the video results – watching as the tests develop – than to read what happened.

Apart from the Tesla Model 3 Performance, we would love to see more Kandi K27 tests against other EVs. The Chevrolet Bolt EV could be a good contender. The Nissan Leaf would also be interesting to watch. Although most new EVs are much more powerful than the K27, few must be so light.

The ultimate Kandi K27 drag race would demand the help of the competition. How would it do against the Changli Nemeca? Only Jason Torchinsky and Jalopnik will discover that unless other people also consider buying one in the US. We have the impression that the Kandi K27 will soon become a common sight in America.

Source: Out Of Spec Reviews 

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