If you regularly follow InsideEVs, you may remember we recently shared a video with you from YouTube channel Truck King. If you don't remember, you'll probably quickly realize once you see the Tesla Model 3 pulling a large Airstream camper. The previous video featured the Model 3 Long Range AWD towing a 26-foot 6,000-pound Airstream.

The guys were super impressed with the midsize electric sedan's prowess. They said it's smooth, power delivery is strong, there's no sway, handling it tight, it's super quiet, and there were really no issues. It seems people were so excited about the Model 3 towing coverage and they had many questions.

As the same suggests, Truck King covers trucks. It also covers campers and other truck and towing related topics. So why the Tesla Model 3? While we have no way of knowing for sure, we think Truck King is getting ahead of the game here, and if so, it's a really smart move. 

There are currently no electric pickup trucks or large SUVs for a truck-oriented channel to cover, unless you count the Tesla Model X. However, the Model X has been around for some time, and coverage of it towing is not new. The Tesla Model 3, and now Model Y, on the other hand, are just starting to get more towing attention.

As Truck King awaits the Tesla Cybertruck, as well as the GMC Hummer EV, Rivian R1T, and several other upcoming electric pickup trucks, it seems to be working to draw the EV (and more specifically, Tesla) crowd in.

In this recent video, Truck King reached out once again to Model 3 owner Andy Thomson to get people's questions answered related to towing with the electric sedan. How much range can you expect? Will the tires be overloaded? Is this even legal?

Check out the video for more Model 3 towing footage and plenty of answers to the most common Tesla towing questions. Once you've watched, scroll down and drop us a line.

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