Press play on the video above and watch Nico Rosberg begin his electric supercar buying process with a visit to the headquarters of Rimac Automobili. Do it now.

Usually, we aren't this adamant about video watching. But, if you're reading InsideEVs, there's a good chance you, like us, are interested in stories that take you into the heart of an automaker and help you learn about its history and path to the future. This video does all this while also being entertaining.

If you don't have the time at the moment – understandable, since it is 35 minutes long – here's a bit of a rundown on what to expect once you sit down in front of an accommodating screen.

Back in September, former Formula 1 champ Nico Rosberg told us that he is buying a Rimac C_Two, the electric supercar being developed in Croatia. In the footage above, he begins that process with an in-person visit to the company's HQ and spends a lot of time touring the premises, meeting staff, and learning some of the history of the unlikely outfit with founder and all-round nice guy, Mate Rimac.

But even before all that happens, there is a surprise waiting for our protagonist: a Porsche Taycan driving experience. If you're wondering how that car fits into this puzzle, we'll just remind you now that Porsche holds a 15-percent Rimac ownership position

After some high-speed hijinks, Rosburg and Rimac meet up and we begin touring the premises. The pair stop by pretty much every department, and at each stop we get a story about the company's past or technical details about the what they're building, with an emphasis on the C_Two, of course.

We learn about everything – the battery pack, the other powertrain components, engineering for safety, the creation and use of carbon fiber – it's all here. Well, almost all. The video ends just after arriving at the design studio. Here, Rosberg will select the colors, materials, and options for his own personal car. However, that process has been reserved for a future video. We'll keep you posted.

Before you go, though, check out the video of outtakes from the visit that Rimac put together and posted on YouTube. It's just a couple of minutes long and waiting just below.



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