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The New Fiat 500 Electric: Three Types, Two Battery Options

There will be three variants – cabrio, hatchback and 3+1, available with a 24 or 42 kWh battery. Want to know more?  
As reported by Electrek, a person familiar with Tesla's upcoming plans shared that the company informed staff that a huge service center expansion is coming. This is, of course, to better equip the electric automaker to deal with its growing fleet of vehicles, which has now exceeded 1 million globally.
Tesla is currently building two new factories – one in Germany and another in Texas – adding a second major expansion to another factory – Shanghai Gigafactory Phase II for Model Y production, and working on a battery production facility. These are all integral pieces of the puzzle to assure that Tesla can significantly increase its electric car production capacity.
According to the website Electrek, Tesla has recently removed the option that allows drivers to choose between strong lift-off brake regeneration and a weaker setting. In Standard mode, the regenerative braking is quite strong and allows a careful driver to operate the vehicle without using the friction brakes very often.
EV production will start in China from 2023, utilizing a new vehicle architecture "developed from the ground up for pure e-mobility."
There is huge demand for vans as deliveries are "skyrocketing." It's the right time to introduce electric vans.
Many miss the fact that RAM was until very recently the only company to sell pickup trucks with hybrid assistance. That’s probably RAM’s fault, which was very discreet about the eTorque system. Ford is now selling a hybrid F-150, but it has already announced an electric version of the vehicle. FCA’s CEO recently said RAM would also have an “electrified” pickup truck. Ironically, it already has that. What does Mike Manley mean?
According to the most recent media reports from China, Lian Yubo, senior vice president of BYD, hinted at a new EV platform scheduled for market launch in April 2021.
The new models, based on this new platform, should have cost, range and safety, equal to internal combustion engine vehicles.


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