As soon as we mention the Tesla Model Y's worst flaw, people are probably thinking about quality and fit and finish concerns, but that's not the case here. Instead, this Model Y owner isn't happy with the electric crossover's overall ride quality.

This is an interesting case since many owners of sportier cars appreciate a ride that's a touch firmer. However, the Model Y doesn't have an adaptive suspension like the Model S, Model X, and many competing luxury crossovers. So, basically, you're stuck with its ride "as is."

Tesla owner and YouTube influencer Ryan Shaw may not have been so aware of the Model Y's "bouncy" ride if he wasn't doing so much in-car filming. In addition, he points out that since electric cars are so quiet, you tend to notice these things more readily.

For those who'd prefer to have their Model Y even more agile than it already is, raised or lowered a bit, as coddling as it gets, or a true corner carver, don't stop reading now. This isn't just for those seeking a silky ride.

Shaw fixed his problem by having an Unplugged Performance aftermarket luxury coilover suspension kit installed. The video talks about the kit, explains the labor process, and demonstrates how much the ride quality has improved. However, the best part here is the suspension is now adjustable. What's more, most of the adjustments can be made at home by the owner.

This means, if you're taking the family on a road trip (or filming inside the car), you can soften things accordingly. However, if you're out joyriding or hitting the track, you can dial the Model Y's ride and handling in the other direction. Want some nice photo shots of the Model Y lowered? How about some extra ground clearance for off-roading? Sure, the system can raise and lower the car as well. 

Check out the video for many more details from Shaw. Then, share your takeaways with us in the comment section below.

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