Back in August, we reported about Tesla Model 3 upper control arms issues. This is because multiple owners of the all-electric crossover were reporting about the problem. According to Drive Tesla Canada, a similar issue has surfaced on the Tesla Model Y.

The publication points out that "several owners reported on the TMC forums an issue in that their new Model Y’s were missing a control arm fastener." These reports started popping up a few months ago.

Owners reported that there may be a missing fastener, or that, more likely, the fastener was on the car at delivery, but somehow loosened over time and fell off. If this happened, the front wheel would angle inward toward the front, center of the car.

Now, it seems Tesla has confirmed the problem. It is, in fact, an issue with the upper control arm fasteners. While we're not aware of an official recall, Tesla is issuing its own recall to get these vehicles repaired.

If you own a Tesla Model Y and haven't yet been contacted, you may soon receive a message from Tesla letting you know that there is a potential concern with your Model Y's upper control arm fasteners. If you're not aware of such an issue, perhaps it isn't impacting your car. However, take a close look at the front wheels, carefully check the car's ride and handling, and listen for any strange sounds. If the fastener fell off, your car will almost certainly be out of alignment.

Drive Tesla Canada shared a recent message that a Vancouver Island-based Model Y owner received from Tesla Mobile Service about the situation. It explains that the upper control arm fasteners may not have been tightened to the correct specifications. Tesla would like to inspect the car, check the fasteners, and "re torque if needed." The message states that the problem will require a 15-minute service visit, and the owner will not be charged.

Do you own a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y? Have you experienced any such issue? Let us know in the comment section below.

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