The refreshed 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EV was expected to be presented arrive at some point in 2020. However, GM decided to postpone it to 2021 and sell the car as a 2022 model. According to people that have already seen the prototype, it is slightly sportier, with most changes made to the front, rear, and interior, as is the case in most mid-cycle restylings. But how will it look like? Electric Design made a rendering based on its silhouette.

The video above presents the process to get there on Photoshop and also the opinions of the rendering artist about the design. Omer is an industrial and graphic designer that also revealed what the Chevrolet electric pickup truck would probably look like.

This Is How The New Electric Pickup Truck From Chevrolet May Look Like

As is the case in most automotive refreshes, the changes were in plastic parts, which are easier and cheaper to modify. Omer’s rendering did not stick to that. In fact, he seems to have tried to fix some issues he sees in the current design, which makes the rendering not very accurate. 

Considering Omer also made a complete redesign of the car, he could have saved his ideas for that rendering and tried to get as close to the real thing as possible in the main one. Anyway, his rendering may help us visualize some of the new design elements the restyled Chevrolet Bolt may present.

The disappointing part of the refresh is that the new electric hatchback will not have the Ultium battery pack. It may eventually present a better range, but that would be totally dependent on efficiency improvements: reducing air resistance and mass, using a more efficient motor… There are many things that can help, but we wonder if GM was worried about them as it should be.

The recent recall due to LG Energy Solution battery pack issues is also a concern – especially because the Hyundai Kona Electric had a very similar problem. In both cases, the cause for fires has not been determined, but it seems to be related to fully charging the battery pack. The refreshed Bolt EV should bring safeguards or a final solution for that.

Source: Electric Design

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