After the creation of the Truckla, many may have played with the idea of anticipating electric pickup trucks by transforming an EV into a truck. Considering they would probably want a large bed, the Chevrolet Bolt would not be in the first place on the list of electric cars up to that sort of coachwork. Yet, the Twitter user Draagspeed shared pictures of what they called Boltamino – a very fitting name if you ask us.

Another nice suggestion is to christen it e-Camino, as some outlets have. Sadly, we had just the pictures Draagspeed shared on Twitter until Autoevolution discovered who made the tiny electric pickup truck. Well, sort of: whoever did it identifies solely as Bolt Pickup, which is probably the official name for their creation.


This person said the coachwork cost $20,000 if you gave them a donor car – or $49,995 for converting a brand new Bolt into the Boltamino – and the plans were to offer it regularly. All that info was released on March 11, 2020, and Bolt Pickup promised to complete the job on April 15.

The e-Camino has fiberglass rear quarter panels, removable stake sides, and an aluminum bed that seems to make the electric pickup truck slightly longer than the regular electric hatchback. The tailgate is also made of aluminum, and the taillights are the same ones the regular Bolt presents. They just are on the opposite side – the left one is on the right and vice versa – and tilted down.

The donor car was a 2017 Bolt, which now costs around $10,000, according to Kelley Blue Book. Including the $20,000 bodywork, that’s a $30,000 vehicle. The pictures shared by Draagspeed give us the impression it has great paint differences and that the fiberglass panels are a bit wavy.

Another interesting aspect of the coachwork is that the e-Camino had a promised range of 259 miles. Bolt Pickup thought that the lower weight would compensate for the worse aerodynamic characteristics of a pickup truck body.

Only the current owner will be able to tell us how far the Boltamino can travel and if it really has an 800 lb total load and cargo capacity. We’d love to ask him if he is happy with his electric pickup truck. Regarding Bolt Pickup, it would be nice to learn if he is working on any other Boltaminos or e-Caminos. If you happen to know any of them, please put them in touch with us.

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