It is probably just a coincidence that Rich Benoit bought a classic Mini recently. And that he decided to keep it as Sir Alec Issigonis intended it to be. It must also be a coincidence that he bought a modern Mini to convert it to EV with a $5,000 budget. Coincidence or not, Swindon Powertrain announced it would sell a conversion kit for the classic Mini, but it starts at £8,850 ($11,500) without taxes.

When you consider the company said it intended to sell an already converted classic Mini for  £79,000 ($102,653), the Swind Classic Mini Kit may look like a bargain. But bear in mind that the Swind E Classic Mini comes with a 24 kWh battery pack. The kit Swindon Powertrain sells is not properly a kit: it is basically the motor.

Swindon Powertrain Mini EV Convertion Kit Will Cost You $11,500

To be fair, the HPD E Powertrain comes ”mounted to an original classic Mini front subframe featuring brackets specifically designed for this installation.” It also has inner CV joints that match “standard Mini driveshaft assemblies” and a standard differential.

What about the inverter? The onboard charger? The battery pack? They are all extras. The controller costs £3,860. The onboard charger is yours for £1,950 more, and it includes a DC-to-DC converter. You can also add a limited-slip differential (£598), satin black finish (£168), speed sensor kit (£299), and coolant system pump (£144). 

Swindon Powertrain Mini EV Convertion Kit Will Cost You $11,500

If you think the LSD and the satin black finish are superfluous, you will end up with a £15,103 bill. But what about the battery pack? Well, it adds £16,000 to the expenses and only 12 kWh to your electric classic. Swindon Powertrain must have the same supplier Nissan does.

Joking aside, you’ll spend £31,103 ($40,415) just with the components to convert your classic Mini. Don’t forget to add taxes to that, which are normally around 20 percent, depending on which country charges them. It is the Swind E Classic Mini that looks like a bargain now, right?

We wonder what Rich Benoit would think about Swindon Powertrain’s kit. If the British company can sell it for so much more than he is planning to spend on his modern Mini, that may become a business opportunity for the Electrified Garage. How many kits would sell with a $5,000 price tag? Popeyes Fried Chicken may also have a sudden sales increase.

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