Rich Benoit warned that leaving Tesla projects was not the end of his videos with electric cars. Until he manages to rebuild a Taycan or an Air – Lucid promised to sell parts to anyone willing to have them, Rich – he’ll probably dedicate to other projects. The first one has just appeared, and it may be a lesson for anyone willing to have an electric Mini. Not the SE, but rather an early 2000s hatchback that you can buy for cheap. Benoit paid $1,500 for his.

He said that his Audi RS7 and his BMW i8 broke him almost as much as his Model X and that he needed an inexpensive car. In fact, the youtuber asked which was the least reliable car his audience had ever seen, and the first Mini BMW built won. It would be that or a Range Rover, but he is not that much into luxurious British SUVs.

For EV fans, it will be a joy to see Benoit, Chad, Steven, Brian, and Biscuit – well, not Biscuit, who was only around – taking the busted combustion engine, gas tank, exhaust, and all unnecessary parts out of the “electric Blue” Mini to start its transformation into something that will be reliable by definition. As an EV, we doubt the little car will give as much trouble as it gave when it burned gasoline to travel around.

It is important to note that Benoit will try to spend nothing at all in the process. That made him regret giving away so many Tesla parts. According to him, many of the guys that took these parts did not have a real project to use them and ended up selling the stuff to make some bucks. It would have been decent to offer them back to Benoit if they were not going to use them, but that is another story.

The truth is that this project is something we will try to follow closely. Where will the youtuber place the battery pack? Which solution will he find to feed vacuum to the original brake booster? Will he use a Zero motor and its battery pack to make it go places? Joking aside, this will be an exciting project to watch.

Source: Rich Rebuilds 

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