Why is a Tesla Model S versus Lamborghini Huracan race a big deal? Does it even matter? Most people aren't buying their Tesla just to hit the track.

The Tesla Model S is one of the quickest production cars ever built. It ranks right up at the top of the list with the Porsche Taycan, which is also fully electric. However, the Model S has been at or near the top of the list for years, and it keeps getting quicker. To top it off, it's a large, family sedan that's super practical and accommodating.

Sure, there are cars specifically built for racing, and a handful of supercars and hypercars that can give the Model S a run for its money. Interestingly, some of the quickest of those cars have already employed some form of electrification. Hybrid hypercars have proven their incredible torque and acceleration for years now.

The Lamborghini Huracan fits into a space that's unlike the Model S', but it's not really a true supercar either. Instead, it's a race-ready supercar-like sports car that's capable of working as a daily driver, though it's ridiculously impractical, and it costs north of $200,000. Many of Lamborghini's vehicles fit into the same space as the likes of Ferraris and McLarens.

The Tesla Model S starts at $69,420, though the Performance model will cost you a little over $90,000. That's still a lot of money. However, you don't have to make the decision about whether you should drop nearly a hundred thousand, or in some cases hundreds of thousands, on a sports car that'll get you attention at the track but won't function for much else. The Model S is a family road-trip car that can drop jaws at the track like none other.

So, how does the Model S fare against the tiny, expensive Lambo Huracan? Tesla Plaid Channel races the Lambo twice. The Model S starts the first race at an 85 percent state of charge and the second race at 80 percent. Place your bets in the comments before watching the video.

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