According to media reports from China, based on unofficial sources, Tesla intends to expand the manufacturing capacity of the Giga Shanghai to 550,000 electric cars annually in 2021.

It does not automatically mean that the company will make 550,000 cars, but that at least at some point next year, it will produce cars at such rate.

Currently, the manufacturing capacity of the Made-in-China Model 3 is at around 250,000 annually (5,000 a week), and soon the MIC Model Y will start the series-production and ramp-up.

The 550,000 number includes:

  • 300,000 Model 3
  • 250,000 Model Y

Moreover, according to the undisclosed sources, 100,000 Model 3 and 10,000 of Model Y are envisioned for export during the year, as we understand.

"Tesla #China 2021 planned production capacity at 550K units - 300K M3 and 250 K Model Y. Among them 100K M3 & 10K Model Y to be exported, China media citing unnamed insiders.
Tesla already sent order demand to the core component suppliers, one insider said."


Tesla did not comment:


Let's take a look at the factory as of 5-6 November, although this time from the ground, because of the temporary ban on drone flights in the Shanghai area related to the China International Import Expo.

Tesla Gigafactory 3 facts:

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