Tritium, one of the largest suppliers of DC fast chargers for electric cars, announced its new Modular Scalable Charging (MSC) hardware platform.

According to the press release, the MSC allows to change the power output from 25 kW to 350 kW "and beyond," with 25 kW increments.

As we understand, it's possible through the addition of power electronics modules to the existing charger, instead of replacing the entire charger with a more powerful unit. The main benefit of such an approach is the flexibility and - according to Tritium - halved cost of an upgrade.

Jane Hunter, CEO of Tritium said:

“This has been something the industry and our customers have asked for over the years, and we are the first company in the world to deliver it. With our MSC platform, 50kW DC chargers can quickly be upgraded to 75kW, 100kW, and beyond, without a rip-and-replace required.”


The first charger, based on the MSC, is the new RTM75, which can be purchased as 25 kW, 50 kW or 75 kW version (the lower power models can be upgraded to 75 kW).

"However, the MSC hardware platform allows for the quick installation of additional power electronics modules within each MSC-designed charger, such as the RTM75 and future iterations of Tritium chargers. For instance, charger operators can purchase an RTM75 charger but start at 25kW or 50kW, pending their current power requirements, and scale to 75kW as their charging needs increase. "

RTM75 highlights:

  • slim to fit in tight spaces
  • can charge two vehicles simultaneously
  • can be equipped with CCS or CHAdeMO plugs
  • output voltage of up to 920 V
  • supports Plug and Charge (ISO 15118) technology
  • Whisper Mode allows to derate the charger’s power to meet municipal noise abatement requirements
  • IP65 fully-sealed, can withstand -35°C to +50°C (-31°F to +122°F)
Tritium RTM75 charger
Tritium RTM75 charger

The next step will be the launch of PKM150 and PKM350 versions in 2021, which can be scaled up to 150 kW and 350 kW.

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