When we realized our friends over at All Electric Family had a recent live stream about their Tesla Model X experience, we were sad we missed it. Fortunately, it has a permanent home on YouTube, so we can watch whenever we want, however, we can't ask live questions (more on that later).

All Electric Family has driven their Model X about 15,000 miles so far, and many of those miles were racked up while towing a camper. This has proven to be a real learning experience for them, and while they knew some of the concerns ahead of time, living with the Tesla for towing is a whole lot different than considering the possibility.

This family is big on road trips and camping. For years, they pulled a large travel trailer with a gas-powered pickup truck. We imagine they're excited about the prospects of an electric pickup truck in the future. However, for now, they've invested in a smaller camper that they tow around the country with their Model X.

We've shared several Model X towing videos from All Electric Family with you. Hopefully, this gives people some idea of what it's like to tow with an EV, and arguably most importantly, how much range you can expect.

The 15,000-mile mark was time for the family to sit down and talk about how it has all played out, as well as try to provide more detailed information and answer people's questions. There's a lot of helpful information in the video. However, since we missed the live stream, we figured we'd reach out to our audience to get some more questions for our traveling friends.

Let us know what you'd like to see in All Electric Family's future videos. Also, leave us your questions for them in the comment section below. We'll connect with them and provide your suggestions, feedback, and questions. This way, they can create some content for InsideEVs.

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