Ford Mustang Mach-E soon will enter the U.S. market, supported by the $7,500 federal tax credit. In California, in particular, which is expected to become the #1 market for the new electric Ford, the sum of potential incentives is $11,000 (it applies also to many other BEVs).

That includes the CVRP ($2,000) and the new Clean Fuel Reward ($1,500):

  • Federal tax credit: €7,500 (nationwide)
  • Clean Vehicle Rebate (CVRP): $2,000 (California)
  • Clean Fuel Reward: $1,500 (California)
  • Total: $11,000

If we compare it to the base prices of particular configurations (RWD/AWD and Standard Range/Extended Range), it turns out that the entry-level version could be effectively acquired for $32,995 (compared to $36,495 with only the federal tax credit).

The Premium trim - ER/RWD with 300 miles of expected EPA range - would then effectively start at $42,100.


CarsDirect notes also financing options (0.9% APR for 48 months), which might attract even more buyers:

"...Ford Credit is already offering rates as low as 0.9% APR for 48 months. There are longer loan options as well, including an 84-month financing incentive. Although the automaker didn't originally offer the option to lease a Mach-E, we're seeing recent signs that this is actually no longer the case."

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