In case you were looking for additional discounts when buying a new electric vehicle, then this new  so-called ‘ Clean Fuel Reward ‘ may be of interest to you. It makes all EVs and some PHEVs purchased in the state of California $1,500 cheaper, and the only criteria is to have a certain size battery pack.

Its introduction can be credited to the California Air Resource Board (CARB) and local power providers and it actually applies to all fully electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. You can still benefit from it regardless if buy or lease a new plug-in vehicle in the state, although said vehicle does have to be registered in California and the buyer needs to be a state resident - buying one with the goal of taking it to another state probably isn’t possible.

It’s worth noting that $1,500 is the highest reward that can be claimed, although in order to qualify for the maximum, a plug-in vehicle must have a battery pack that’s at least 16 kWh, so some current plug-in hybrids will be eligible for smaller rewards. Read the Customer Terms and Conditions below:

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