BMW has just revealed the iX, its first all-electric SUV designed from the ground up to run on electrons (the iX3 is based on the X3). It has great power and range, but, as with many recent models by the Bavarian automakers, not everybody is pleased with the way it looks.

Its side profile is that of a typical, sporty BMW SUV, with aggressively flared wheel arches and quite vertical fascias. But move to either the front or the rear and focus on the fascias themselves, and this is where it may all fall apart for some people - it’s as if BMW wants its cars to be polarizing, rather than more subtle, subdued and generally perceived as pretty.

But maybe it looks better as a Motorsport model, with even wider haunches, a lower ride height, bigger and sportier looking wheels and other sporty touches. Well, that’s what I wanted to see, so I went ahead and created what I think an iX M might look like.

And don’t think an iX M is out of the question, because BMW is actually working on its first all-electric Motorsport model, based on the upcoming i4 EV (which will be called the i4 M). The manufacturer would also have to make the M version of the iX even quicker than the regular model, which has over 500 horsepower, a very low coefficient of drag and a claimed sprint time to 100 km/h (62 mph) of under 5 seconds.

BMW would have to give the iX M maybe even double that much power for it to be among the quickest electric SUVs in the world. It would need to at least come within striking range of, say, the Tesla Model X P100D that sprints to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 3.1 seconds.

The specs have yet to be detailed - the official reveal press release for the iX is full of estimations; the specs themselves don’t seem to be final. You can read through all the information BMW has made available in our detailed article about the iX.

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