Elon Musk took to Twitter this week and commented about work that is currently happening on Tesla's air suspension. He said the system's height and dampening algorithm "is getting a lot of attention." He shared that this will be linked to Tesla's Full Self-Driving technology for automatic adjustments.

This Musk tweet actually came as a reply during a time that many Tesla owners were offering Musk suggestions. John Edward Garcia asked for voice commands for the air suspension and ride height. Musk replied "Ok," and then added the other information.


Keep in mind, the Tesla Model S and Model X already have an air suspension. However, the Model 3 and Model Y are Tesla's best-sellers, and neither offers the feature. If it's going to be linked to FSD to make the technology more responsive, it would only make sense for it to at least be available in the 3 and Y. Perhaps Tesla will finally offer an adaptive air suspension for all of its vehicles? If it's an integral part of FSD, the automaker may have no choice down the road. Thus far, Musk has ruled it out.

As Teslarati points out, it's a bit strange that Tesla would focus so much energy on a feature that's only going into its flagship cars. It's also strange if Musk knows how much this will help out with FSD and he doesn't implement it in the Model 3 and Y. However, the publication points to the Cybertruck as perhaps the big reason Tesla putting so much energy into this.

Today's pickup truck owners are varied. Many truck owners in the U.S. don't even buy their trucks for work or hauling, though they may take advantage of the capability from time to time. Other truck owners are specifically seeking out the most capable, work-friendly truck available. What if you could have ride quality better than the coddling Ram 1500 and the prowess of something like the Ford F-250 or Chevy Silverado 2500?

Not only would an upgraded adaptive air suspension work to make the Cyebrtruck more comfortable, capable, and versatile, but, based on Musk's tweet, it would also help make its Full Self-Driving technology more responsive. As always, scroll down and let us know what you think in the comment section.

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