Cleanerwatt says once the Tesla Cybertruck arrives in about a year, it will mark the beginning of the end for gas-powered trucks. That's a huge statement, which will most likely be called a stretch by even the most committed EV fans, but he has some valid points to make. Perhaps it won't happen right away, but electric pickup trucks and SUVs are the gateway to massive EV adoption.

Electric cars haven't made gas cars obsolete, so why would an electric truck be any different? It's important to take a step back and realize, the end of the internal combustion engine will eventually come, but it's going to take time. When manufacturers can make electric cars and electric pickup trucks that are affordable and more capable than gas vehicles, more people will buy them. The Tesla Cybertruck could have the best potential to date to end the ICE age.

When it comes to all EVs, the upfront cost is still a huge barrier. Looking at upcoming electric pickup trucks like the GMC Hummer EV and Rivian R1T, the problem is even worse. These are very pricey luxury pickup trucks, not the type to even come close to stealing the gas truck market. When the Tesla Cybertruck arrives, it will be priced well for what you get, but still not affordable for the masses. However, over time, Tesla plans to release a Cybertruck that's incredibly well-priced.

According to Cleanerwatt, the Tesla electric truck offers three important keys that will work to appeal to the truck world: Utility, performance, and durability. The Cybertruck is like nothing anyone has seen before. It's tough, nearly indestructible, and ridiculously powerful.

The base Cybertruck will cost about the same as a similarly equipped Ford F-150, but its overall cost of ownership will be much cheaper. It may take time for individual owners to realize the savings over the long term. We've seen this with current electric cars. However, fleet owners will quickly realize the savings of going electric. 

Despite the lower operational cost of the Cybertruck, it's much more capable than a gas-powered truck in every way. It has unbelievable torque, super-car-like acceleration, first-rate towing capability, and plenty of off-road prowess.

Watch the video for all the details, and more specifically, to see how the Tesla Cybertruck compares to its gas-powered rivals. Then, drop us a line in the comment section below.

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