Our friend Brian Jenkins (i1Tesla) has arguably made a name for himself in the world of interesting aftermarket do-it-yourself projects. If you're not familiar, he's Kyle Conner's friend, one of the first Tesla Model Y owners, and the guy with the Overlanding Model Y.

Like many folks, Jenkins is interested in what the Model Y's upcoming third-row seats will be like. We've heard they're forward-facing and can barely fit kids. However, this information came from an early Model Y prototype that some Tesla fans rode in. 

Since then, there has been plenty of speculation related to how Tesla might design the third row to make it roomy enough to be usable. Many people have suggested these seats will be rear-facing, like the old jump seats that were available for the Model S. Essentially, they fit in the hatch, faced toward the rear of the car, and provided adequate space for children.

Keep in mind, Jenkins's experiment here is in the name of "science" and speculation. It's not recommended or safe to put your own row of seats into a car. However, it's no harm to devise a simple project to get an idea of how the seats might fit. Others have done similar experiments. We just hope they're not going to try to put passengers back there and hit public roads.

As you can see from the video, Jenkins opts for forward-facing third-row seats. You can also see that they're more than a bit cramped. Check out the video and let us know what you think. Will the seats face forward or rearward? Will you be able to squeeze an adult or two back there for short trips?

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