Brian Jenkins' (i1Tesla) Tesla Model Y has been modified for Overlanding. This also means it's capable of a little light off-roading. However, though plans were to keep things light, that didn't really happen. Once you involve Kyle Conner, things usually get crazy, not to mention heavy rain, lots of mud, and slippery slopes.

Yes, this is the famous Overlanding Model Y we've shared with you a few times in the past. Kyle Conner put together a recent video about it for our InsideEV US YouTube channel. However, the Model Y belongs to Jenkins, so it's fitting that he published his own take on the festivities. Plus, Conner wouldn't even have any of this footage if it wasn't for Jenkins. It's neat to see it all through Jenkins' eyes. A different perspective and varied content are always nice.

If you didn't catch the previous video or article (linked below), we'll have you know that the Model Y held up like a champ through all of this, though it did endure a little ding from sliding backward into a tree. 

Tesla doesn't make off-road vehicles. Not yet at least, though the Cybertruck should fare quite well over rough terrain. The Model X can hold its own off the pavement, but it's not designed to take a beating, and most people wouldn't want to beat the snot out of a $100,000 electric SUV.

Much the same, the Model Y could get really messed up if you're not careful. However, lift it a bit, swap out the tires, slap on a nice wrap, and you've got yourself an all-electric crossover that's more capable on the trails than many may have expected. 

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