When we told you Aptera Motors was pledging to resurrect, in August 2019, we understand if you did not believe it at first. Even if you were a fan of the company, the fact that it once failed could be seen as a strong sign it would not make it again. More than one year later, Aptera Motors does not want an act of faith anymore. It wants pre-orders.

To achieve them from December 4 on, the company has already built its first prototype and shot a video with it. According to the email it sent, the people that could testify this first run had “priceless” amazed looks on their faces. We hope they also had cameras to shoot it or photograph it before the official video is released.

Aptera “Never Charge” Solar Charging Will Be a Standard Feature

The video above shows this very prototype, even if it is just a glimpse of it. After Elon Musk said that it is “relatively easy to make a prototype but extremely difficult to mass manufacture a vehicle,” that put yet another barrier Aptera Motors has to overcome.

The first cars it plans to sell will belong to a limited series called Paradigm. Both Paradigm and Paradigm+ cars will have their production numbers and prices disclosed on December 4. In fact, the company said “complete details.” Unless something has changed, we have already given you the technical specifications and trim packages: Standard, Long Range, and Performance. Yes, you have seen them somewhere else, but they may still change.

Aptera Wants Anyone To Be Able To Repair Its EVs – Even Under Warranty

We already know Aptera Motors bets in direct sales and that it will have partners to service their cars – if they ever need servicing, by the way. The company believes it can offer very robust vehicles, which will not demand repairs very often.

In case they do, even their owners can order the necessary parts and repair the cars themselves. We are not sure how Aptera Motors will deal with warranty matters in these cases, but we will ask the company executives when the time comes.

Another way to ensure these future owners are as independent as they want is “Never Charge.” It consists of a bunch of solar panels integrated on the car body that will allow Aptera drivers to avoid charging stations as much as electric car owners can avoid fuel pumps – that’s the plan, at least.

Like Saint Thomas proved, checking before believing is not a sin. If Aptera’s gospel of sustainability is worth it, we do not doubt many may become followers, or else, pre-order holders. That would make Aptera’s return almost a miracle – or a Paradigm Shift, as the company prefers to put it.

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