Volkswagen is betting heavily on electrification, as you already know. The ID.3 would be the company’s free pass regarding emission fines, but it was released earlier than it should. The ID.4 may get better timing, but many more vehicles will follow. Can you imagine yourself driving an ID. Junglezz? Perhaps it is more suited for when Tarzan gets a driver’s license, but that name was really trademarked.

The news came from eVDub, a member who shared the document that proves this on that forum. The Breaking News Team saw that and kindly warned us about that.

Volkswagen Group To Produce 22 Million EVs By 2028: Over 50% In China

Rumor has it that the ID. Junglezz may be a more extreme version of the ID. Ruggdzz. If you are not aware of this vehicle, rest assured it is not exclusive for Iceland or any consonant-loving country. Greg Kable told us about it back in February 2020. This ID.4 brother would have the same length but a boxier style, which would make it look more… you get the point.

All these vehicles would be based on the MEB platform and would be part of at least 30 electric cars the Volkswagen group intends to sell until 2025. For the record, the ID. Ruggdzz would be presented in 2023. Concerning the ID. Junglezz, we have no clue about it besides what eVDub has revealed at

This trademark could also be just a preventive measure to ensure Volkswagen can use many names with two Zs in the end. That’s already the case for the ID.4 Crozz in China, and it is also true for the many concepts presented over the MEB platform: Buzz, Roomzz, Vizzion... 

Could ID. Junglezz be just the name of the concept that will present the Ruggdzz? Is it an entirely different car? Will Volkswagen ever use this name? Is this “zz” story going too far? Zzzz… Sorry! Above all, would you buy a car named Junglezz? Cheeta would probably be pleased if it spared her from taking the next vine home.

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