Xpeng Motors has been busy at the Guangzhou Motor Show this week. We reported yesterday that the automaker was going to be the first OEM to offer lidar technology on a production electric vehicle, and also that they would be offering a limited edition version of the P7 called the P7 Wing. We now have more details on that special offering. 

Xpeng describes the P7 Wing as "The new flagship limited edition is designed to maximize the sporty and dynamic style of the smart EV sedan with a pair of specifically-designed scissor-style front doors that are traditionally only available in luxury sports vehicles."

Xpeng P7

The P7 Wing limited edition is available in an all-wheel-drive high-performance configuration as well as a rear-wheel-drive long-range version. After the Chinese New Energy Vehicle subsidies are taken into consideration, the prices are RMB409,000 ($62,319 US) and RMB366,900 ($55,904 US) respectively. That's considerably more than the price range of the regular P7 -RMB229,900 to RMB349,900 ($32,462 to $49,404 US) post subsidies, however, P7 Wing customers will be in an exclusive group, considering the limited-edition nature of this special vehicle. 

Gallery: Xpeng P7 Wing

The P7 Wing is equipped with XPILOT 3.0 hardware and software, as well as an 18-speaker Dynaudio concert-hall style in-car sound system. Customers can also personalize the opening angle of the doors. There are two obstacle avoidance radars installed on the left and right sides, which automatically identify obstacles and control the door movements during the opening process.

The electric scissor-style doors can be unlocked in multiple ways, i.e. via car key, Bluetooth/NFC digital key, mobile phone APP, control panel, or in-car voice assistant.

We're guessing Xpeng won't have any problem selling out of the limited supply of the P7 Wing edition. While it is significantly more expensive than a comparable "normal" P7, the scissor doors are generally reserved for extremely expensive supercars and ownership will come with a considerable amount of cachet.

What do you think of the P7 Wing? Our readers seemed to like the similar butterfly doors on the BMW i8, even if they wished that vehicle was all-electric instead of a plug-in hybrid with a small electric range. Let us know if you'd pay extra for these special doors if they were offered on your favorite EV. 

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