After we reported that a Tesla Model Y lost its glass roof in the US, we hoped that would not happen again. Unfortunately, it did, only in China this time. While some made fun of that, claiming even Tesla cars made in that country had quality control issues, that was not the case. The vehicle that presented the issue was a Model S, not the made-in-China Model 3.

The whole situation seems to have happened on November 22, when the video was shared on the Weibo social media by the profile Car01. We used Google Translate to help us understand what was disclosed, and it came with the F word. Sorry for that, but here’s what was written.

Check A Tesla Model S Lose Its Roof In China

According to what Cars01 said, a reader sent them the video, ironically shot by a regular dashcam, not Teslacam or any other Tesla device. Apparently, no one was hurt, and the flying glass roof damaged no car. Only 4 hours and one minute after the post was published, Tesla interacted with it to explain what had happened.

Check A Tesla Model S Lose Its Roof In China

As you can see, thanks to Google Translate, Tesla said an authorized third-party body shop replaced the glass roof. Although it may have been their blame, the fact that it was an authorized company to perform the service does not entirely release the automaker from responsibility in this episode, especially if all official procedures and materials were rightfully applied. This is probably why Tesla said it is still investigating what happened.

In the video, we can see the Tesla accelerates very fast in the right lane until the glass roof flies off and flips multiple times in the air. The Model S immediately brakes when that happens, and we can hear when it hits the ground.

We have tried to use the conversation translator Google offers, but it did not help us understand what the people in the car that filmed the whole situation discuss. If you can help us with that, please share the translation in the comments below.

We would also love to hear from the owner, the shop that replaced the glass roof, and Tesla in this case, especially if the company can share the investigation results.

Source: Weibo via Stultus on Twitter 

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