While we already knew the EPA range values that Ford was targeting with each version of its Mustang Mach-E electric crossover, they had not been confirmed (and we had information that they would actually end up being lower). The promise was that the EPA was going to rate the Extended Range RWD model at 300 miles on one charge, while the Standard Range AWD model was only projected to hit 210 miles.

Well, now the EPA has officially confirmed the targeted values for the entire current Mustang Mach-E range. As predicted, the Extended Range RWD model, with its 99 kWh battery pack (88 kWh usable), achieved its projected range of 300 miles, while at the other end of the scales, the Standard Range AWD actually achieved one mile more, being rated at 211 miles on a single charge of its 75 kWh (68 kWh usable) battery pack.

Mustang Mach-E (targeted) Mustang Mach-E (EPA-estimated range)
Standard-range RWD: 230 miles Standard-range RWD: 230 miles
Extended-range RWD: 300 miles Extended-range RWD: 300 miles
Standard-range eAWD: 210 miles Standard-range eAWD: 211 miles
Extended-range eAWD: 270 miles Extended-range eAWD: 270 miles

If you want the Extended Range AWD model, the extra traction and added weight of the second motor will drop the range from 300 to 270 miles. The Standard Range RWD achieved its targeted 230 miles.

In fact, the only change from the targeted values, which we’ve known about for months, is the extra mile gained by the all-wheel-drive version with the smaller battery pack. As you can imagine, Ford is pleased that the range ratings it was hoping for have been confirmed by the EPA; Darren Palmer, Ford’s Global Director, Battery Electric Vehicles, said

‘ This validation by the EPA comes at a perfect time as the Mustang Mach-E is gearing up to take on the open road. ‘

Ratings have yet to be provided for the California Route 1 edition, but Ford expects that this model will achieve its expected range of 300 miles. You may have also spotted that there is no mention of the top of the range GT model here - its predicted range is 250 miles, but it will apparently be confirmed at a later date, sometime in 2021.

Deliveries of the Mustang Mach-E are expected to commence before 2020 is over, although the 459 horsepower GT model won’t be available until 2021.

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