One of the members of  shared a photo of the Monroney sticker of the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Premium, all-wheel-drive with extended-range battery and it seems that the early range estimations were quite accurate.

***UPDATE: Check out the official EPA figures for most versions of the Mach-E, as well as a comparison to other EVs here.

According to the image, the car is rated at 270 miles (434 km) of EPA combined range (as expected in preliminary specs).

It's the best result that we seen in a production, non-Tesla, electric car. The rear-wheel-drive version of Mustang Mach-E Premium with the same battery will be able to go even further - 300 miles EPA (but we don't have confirmation just yet).

Additionally, we can take a look at the efficiency numbers - the combined result is 90 MPGe - 374 Wh/mi (233 Wh/km). Well, we hoped it will be better to be honest, but it's not that bad.


2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Premium ER AWD EPA rating:

  • range of 270 miles (434 km)
  • energy consumption (including charging losses):
    • combined: 90 MPGe - 374 Wh/mi (233 Wh/km)
    • city: 96 MPGe - 351 Wh/mi (218 Wh/km)
    • highway: 84 MPGe - 401 Wh/mi (249 Wh/km)

Let's take a look at the Ford Mustang Mach-E specs:


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