In the latest episode of Fully Charged, Robert Llewellyn was able to not only test but also utilize for his own gardening job, an all-electric Kovaco Elise 900 skid steer loader from Slovakia.

According to the company, it's a pioneering machine, with a rated load capacity of 900 kg and enough energy to work for over eight hours.

It seems very easy to use, quite capable and of course quiet, which helps a lot if you don't want to annoy the neighbors. On top of that, for special applications, there is a remote control option!

"This is the first 100% electric skid steer loader to come into production and Robert has managed to get it into his garden to help with removing some 20 year old chicken wire and rubble. As it is narrow, low and carbon neutral, this electric skid steer is fit both inside and outside of buildings and can even be operated remotely. It's safe to say Robert is quite taken with this big bit of electric machinery, but what will Mrs L say when she sees the state of the garden??"

Here are the specs of the Kovaco Elise 900 Skid Steer Loader that we have found on the website. As you can see, it's equipped with lead-acid batteries - probably because it's simply good enough and less expensive compared to lithium-ion. The additional weight is also not a problem, but rather provides important stability.


Let's see what else this baby can do.

Kovaco offers also a smaller, remotely controlled mini loader MiniZ, which these days might be more useful than ever:

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