Volvo has already revealed its first all-electric SUV, yet it’s not a special EV model; it’s actually just another version of the XC40 crossover. However, it seems the Geely-owned Swedish manufacturer has plans for a more rakish version of it, called the C40.

According to Automotive News, it’s essentially going to be a coupe-like version of the XC40 Recharge P8 we’re already familiar with. The changes will apparently be limited to the rear end where it will not have a more fastback-like look, but also different light clusters - I tried to make something along those lines with the modified XC40 in the opening image.

It’s going to be badged C40, just like some of Volvo’s older coupe models, like the C30 or the C70. The C40 is expected to be shown in 2021, and hit the market later that year “as part of a fleet of Volvo EVs now in the pipeline.”

The others are all-electric version of the XC60 and XC90. The former is slated to also make its debut in 2021, while the XC90 EV will arrive later.

All this information was obtained by Automotive News from Volvo’s U.S. dealers who chose to remain anonymous. They said Volvo wants half the cars it sells by 2025 to be electric, with the remaining half being hybrids.

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The same source article also mentions an XC100, a model to sit above the XC90 in the Volvo range “aimed at satisfying America's appetite for roomier luxury rides” - it would challenge the Mercedes-Benz GLS and BMW X7. However, it doesn’t mention whether or not it will be available as an EV, although there's a good chance it will; an electrified powertrain of some sort if definitely a sure thing for this range topping Volvo SUV.

Source: Automotive News

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