According to the latest report EV Report from Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC), electrification of transport has quite a positive impact on California's industry.

As it turns out, already more than 275,000 people found jobs related to electrification and it's expected to increase at a healthy rate to over 300,000 by 2023:

  • California employment: 275,600
  • Southern California employment: 119,200 (43.4% of total)

Those EV jobs also turn to be better paying than the industry average:

  • "In California, the EV industry pays an average annual wage of $91,300, well above the average annual wage across all industries of $68,500.
  • In Southern California, jobs in the EV industry pay well -- an average annual wage of $80,900, well above the average annual wage across all industries of $60,400."

It's obvious that the biggest EV company in California is Tesla, but there are many other companies related to cars, buses, trucks, charging and new EV technologies.

"Southern California has a significant cluster of EV companies including software, design studios, and full production sites that include passenger, shared mobility, truck, drayage and passenger bus vehicles."


LAEDC did a great job to list all the EV-related companies and to show where they operate on a map:

"EV industry “clustering” is also supporting geographically concentrated growth in jobs, innovation and commerce, as suppliers and related businesses locate nearby. For example, workers are employed in activities related to charging networks and installation of related infrastructure."

Passenger cars


Buses, trucks, and trams


EV charging and alternative energy


 Judy Kruger, Senior Director of Advanced Transportation at the LAEDC said:

“There’s no other ecosystem like this in the US, and we need to protect, support and build good policy to ensure this ecosystem thrives and continues to create great jobs,”

Michael Backstrom, managing director of Energy and Environmental Policy for Southern California Edison, one of the five organizations that funded the study said:

“Clean energy investments, including electrifying transportation, mean thousands of stable, good-paying jobs across the value chain—from skilled and craft to high-tech and innovation positions—for Southern Californians,”

Phillip A. Washington, CEO, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority said:

“Our goal at Metro is to transform Los Angeles County into a world-renowned transportation center of excellence. Two important pillars of that objective are innovation and sustainability. EVs are on the cutting edge of both. That’s why Metro is proud to sponsor this report and to continue exploring innovations that improve opportunity and the environment for the people of Southern California,”

See the full EV Report here.

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