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Tesla Leases Two New Large Office Buildings In Fremont

Tesla is expanding again and could bring over 1,000 new workers to Fremont. The Silicon Valley automaker has reportedly leased two large office spaces in Fremont with access to the Dumbarton Bridge. According to Alameda County public records, the buildings are listed as 6800 and 6900 Dumbarton Circle. One is…

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California Considers Combustion Engine Ban

The measure would be similar to other target dates set by China and several European countries. With over 2 million new car sales a year, California sells more cars than some European countries like France and Spain. Those two countries, along with China, have established target dates to stop the…

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Latest Tesla Factory Flyover Video Shows New Buildings – Video

Tesla’s manufacturing plant in Fremont, California was recently featured by the California Phantom, which earlier also recorded some Gigafactory footage. This huge facility was established in 1960 by GM and called Fremont Assembly. Production was shut down in 1982 and the plant was idle through 1984, when GM and Toyota launched…

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BYD Furthers U.S. Expansion Plans – Video

BYD wants to make more buses in the US from CNBC. BYD, often referred to as the Warren Buffett-backed Chinese automaker, is now finishing the third phase of its expansion of its U.S. production facility in Lancaster, California – now capable of building up to 1,500 electric buses annually. Previously, the assembly…

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Progressive Policies In Some States Will Accelerate Tesla

ELECTRIC VEHICLES AND THE GRID — A LOOK AT PROGRESSIVE POLICIES EMERGING IN CALIFORNIA AND NEW YORK With Tesla CEO Elon Musk forecasting the market for Model 3 vehicles could swell to 700,000 vehicles, the streets may soon be flooded with electric cars. To put that in perspective, the popular BMW 3 Series only has an…

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