And some cash, if you accept to take it.

We wish we could say the Tesla hate stuff has stopped with the COVID-19 outbreak and that people would be less worried about their bad impulses. Well, humanity sometimes seems to take just baby steps toward improvement, and the video above confirms that, unfortunately. It shows a vandal keying a Tesla not once, but twice. Just to make sure he really did somedamage, you know?

Dustin Greenwell is the owner. He got in touch with InsideEVs and told us exactly what he says in his video description: he has never seen the vandal in his life. In other words, attacking the car was not a way to harm the owner but only the EV and what it represents.

Greenwell believes the license plate of the Ford Focus that the vandal drives reads JEF5KY or JEFK5Y. We have tried to enhance the image quality, but we cannot see anything that is written on the license plate. We don´t even know if it is a Florida license plate, just like Greenwell.

Do You Know Who This Vandal Is? Your Input Is Valuable

Anyway, some things may help find out who this guy is, such as the burned-out left headlight lamp. Other than that, the third-generation Ford Focus Sedan looks very ordinary apart from its five-spoke wheels, which look a lot like the ones used by the SEL version.

Gallery: Do You Know Who This Vandal Is? Your Input Is Valuable

Our readers and the police have a good record of catching vandals. John Tran recently told us the man that stabbed his Tesla Model 3 tire was caught. He pleaded guilty and was fined for $1,000 apart from having to pay Tran’s expenses with fixing his car. The glass-breaking butt burglars are behind bars.

Do You Know Who This Vandal Is? Your Input Is Valuable

If you can help, get in touch with Greenwell. We did not ask him about the reward because we do not think anyone willing to help would do it for the money. There’s a more significant reward involved: helping someone and getting places rid of anyone willing to damage other people’s stuff out of hate or just for a twisted sense of fun. These strange times show solidarity is what should prevail.

Video Description Via Dustin Greenwell On YouTube:

Cash reward leading to me finding this guy:

If you live in or around Miami and recognize this guy, please let me know. I've never seen him before but he decided to key my car twice. The first time wasn't through the paint so he came back for round two. He drives a 2012 to 2014 silver Ford Focus with the driver's headlight out. Possible licence plates: JEF5KY, JEFK5Y but still unsure. It might also be a different licenses plate from the standard Florida plate (specialty plate) or an out of state plate.

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