The Tesla Model Y doesn't come with an air suspension setup, at least not yet, but here's likely the world's first Model Y equipped with an aftermarket active air suspension. It drops the Model Y down low, but what we'd really like to see is a setup that raises the Y's ride height too.

There's been quite a bit of chatter regarding air suspension and both the Model Y and the Model 3. However, Tesla CEO Elon Musk says officially that neither vehicle will be getting air suspension, not even as an option. This, despite findings that suggest otherwise. Still, the official word is:



With that being the official word, it seems any air suspension solution will have to come from the aftermarket and that's what we have here. The video shows the system components, one of which consumes the entire frunk, and even shows the air suspension in action, though it seems it's only designed to lower the Model Y and not to lift it up higher than its original ride height. Perhaps it can, but that functionality is not shown.

But it sure does go low:


This would likely improve the range of the car, though we'd drive it with ease at this low setting if the roads are of questionable quality.

Take a look at the video to see the components of the system and to see it in action.

Video description via MrThepilvi TV on YouTube:

Tesla Model Y with air suspension

Credits: Michael Mogilewski

Video starts at 0:30.

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