Tesla intends to launch a hot Plaid version of the Model S and Model X and both of these souped-up models should rake in money for Tesla. Let's explore why.

Elon Musk says that the Plaid version of the Model S will enter production in October or November of this year. The Plaid Model S is expected to be very much like the Model S Performance, which is priced just below $100,000.

The biggest difference for the Plaid version will be the addition of an extra electric motor, bringing the total to three and a battery pack with additional capacity. Additional changes are more minor, like a new suspension, different wheels and tires and aerodynamic modifications.

Basically, much of these appearance changes can be seen in the Model S Plaid gallery below, though we're not sure exactly which changes will make it into production.

Gallery: Tesla Model S Plaid Spy Shots

So, if the base car remains mostly the same with just some fairly minor changes (the most notable being the addition of another electric motor) then it's reasonable to assume the cost to produce such a car won't change much. However, it's price tag surely will.

Demand for the Model S Plaid should be high since it's the pinnacle of what can be done with the S and bragging rights come along with it. With a high price tag comes big profit margins (30% is suggested in the video) so it makes perfect sense for Tesla to pursue Plaid, perhaps even on other model s like the Model 3 and upcoming Cybertruck.

Grab a look at the video for more details on why the Model S Plaid will likely be a big money-maker for Tesla.

Video description via HyperChange TV on YouTube:

According to tweets by Elon Musk, Tesla is poised to release a new 'Plaid' Model S sometime later this year. This new tri-motor powertrain/battery design will improve performance and be the 'next generation' of Tesla's technology. I think there is a huge pent of demand for 'Plaid' and Tesla has an opportunity to make billions in incremental gross profit if they price it accordingly. Let me know what you think in the comments below!!

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