By the way of the virtual unveiling of the production Volkswagen ID.4, the German manufacturer officially revealed more details about the Volkswagen ID.3.

The company already received more than 37,000 reservations for the launch edition ID.3 1ST (limited to 30,000 units), which is scheduled for market launch in Summer 2020 (there is no change here despite rumors about delays).

Once the ID.3 1ST is delivered, Volkswagen will start sales of regular versions (ID.3 Pure, ID.3 Pro and ID.3 Pro S).

"The variants differ mainly with respect to power output and battery capacity, range and charging capacity. As the top-of-the-range model, the ID.3 Pro S features more exclusive equipment."

Using the new official press release, and previous reports, we listed all the regular versions below:

ID.3 Pure Pure Power Pro Pro Power Pro S
Range (WLTP) 330 km
(205 miles)
330 km
(205 miles)
420 km
(261 miles)
420 km
(261 miles)
550 km
(342 miles)
Battery (net/total) 45 kWh/48 kWh 45 kWh/48 kWh 58 kWh/62 kWh 58 kWh/62 kWh 77 kWh/82 kWh
Electric Motor (peak) 93 kW 110 kW 107 kW 150 kW, 310 Nm 150 kW, 310 Nm
Charging power AC (max) 7.2 kW 7.2 kW 11 kW (3-phase) 11 kW (3-phase) 11 kW (3-phase)
Charging power DC (max) 50 kW
(100 kW option)
50 kW
(100 kW option)
100 kW 100 kW

125 kW


* range, net battery capacity and electric motor power are official in the latest press release.

** Interestingly, the Pro version will be equipped with 107 kW electric motor, instead of 110 kW like in the case of the Pure.

ID.3 Pure/Pure Power

"The entry-level ID.3 Pure features a 45 kWh battery, enabling a range of up to 330 km (WLTP). The rear-mounted electric motor generates 126 or 150 hp (93 kW or 110 kW). This entry-level model has a price tag of less than €30,000 on the German market. It features a comprehensive list of standard equipment including: 18-inch steel wheels; LED headlights with automatic lighting control; LED taillights; 10-color ambient lighting; ID.Light; the Air Care Climatronic air conditioning system; intelligent Natural Voice control; and the Keyless Start comfort start function. Standard driver assistance systems include Lane Assist lane keeping system, Front Assist, Dynamic Road Sign Display and Park Distance Control (PDC)."

ID.3 Pro/Pro Power

"The ID.3 Pro features a 58 kWh battery with 146 or 204 hp (107 kW or 150 kW) and a range of up to 420 km (WLTP)."

"In only 30 minutes, the ID.3 Pro will harvest enough electrical energy to cover a distance of approximately 290 km, thanks to its 100 kW onboard charger.

The ID.3 Pro, available at less than €35,000, is the all-round version for urban mobility and a medium range. It features a larger battery than the ID.3 Pure, increased range, shorter charging times with DC, and more output."

ID.3 Pro S

"The ID.3 Pro S has 204 hp (150 kW), boasts a battery capacity of 77 kWh and has a potential range of up to 550 km (WLTP).

The ID.3 Pro S sits at the top of the model range. Its sporty equipment includes 19-inch Andoya wheels and Play & Pause design pedals."

Gallery: Volkswagen ID.3 1ST (2020)

More info:

"Attractive optional equipment rounds off the range. As part of the “beats” sound system, a 400W amplifier powers seven speakers and one subwoofer. The augmented reality head-up display projects vital information onto the windscreen. The driver sees the information as a three-dimensional, staggered image at an apparent distance of three to ten meters in front of the vehicle. Travel Assist controls the distance to the vehicle ahead by accelerating and braking, keeps the vehicle in its lane and shows the surroundings on the Infotainment system display. The system’s function will be enhanced further at a later date: when drivers set a turn signal on motorways, Travel Assist will initiate a change in lanes, providing the surrounding traffic permits this maneuver.

Volkswagen designers have developed the Style packages for customers who want to make their ID.3 look even more distinctive. For the interior, customers can choose between the Style and Style Plus variants. Both feature seats with Sumba Flow fabric and ArtVelours microfleece, supplemented by a heated leather steering wheel and 30-color ambient lighting. Interior Style Plus additionally features electrically powered seat adjustment, seat heating and a pneumatically powered lumbar support with massage function.

The Style Silver or Style Penny Copper versions are available for the ID.3’s exterior. These packages include Silver or Copper trim strips on the roof and matching foil on the C-pillar. Large 20-inch Sanya wheels from Volkswagen R give the ID.3 an even sportier appearance. Customers can choose from six exterior colors, from Moonshine Grey to Makena Turquoise.

The clearly structured range makes ID.3 configuration on the Volkswagen website easier than ever before—customers can configure their dream car in only a few clicks.

Volkswagen will also launch its We Charge offering together with the ID.3, giving access to around 150,000 public charging stations throughout Europe with a single card. Volkswagen customers can use the IONITY quick-charging network at favorable rates, with prices starting at €0.30 per kilowatt hour depending on the tariff they choose. Owners of the ID.3 1ST special edition will benefit from a charging credit of up to 2,000 kilowatt hours or €600 on their We Charge card."

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