Mitsubishi Fuso Truck & Bus Corporation (Fuso), part of Daimler, celebrates a milestone of delivering 150 all-electric Fuso eCanter distribution trucks to customers globally.

The low volume production of eCanter started in 2017 with a goal to deliver 150 units within two years. After the pilot production run, the company is expected to improve the vehicle and increase sales.

The fleet so far covered about 1.6 million kilometers (1 million miles) in customer's hands. 101 units are used in Europe and North America, while in Japan Fuso deployed 53 trucks.

The weak point of the eCanter is a range of just 100 km (62 miles), but it might still be enough in many applications. We are looking forward to see whether Fuso will launch a new version on a bigger scale.

"The eCanter has been used as a delivery truck by e-commerce operators as well as logistics and retailing businesses in Japan for short-distance and urban deliveries. The truck is also being utilized in landscaping and waste disposal by administrative authorities overseas."

"Driven by an electric motor, the emission-free eCanter has been highly evaluated by both Japanese and international customers as a solution to environmental problems in cities, such as noise, exhaust gas or carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Compared with conventional diesel-powered vehicles, the eCanter produces less noise and vibration, thereby easing the physical and mental burden on drivers and improving their working conditions."


 President and CEO, MFTBC, Hartmut Schick said:

“We see ever growing interest in locally emission free logistics. Our Fuso eCanter was the first all-electric truck in series production and is serving customers and communities all over the world with zero emissions. At Mitsubishi Fuso, we are thought leaders when it comes to electric trucks and we will continue our success story in the future.”

Fuso eCanter specs:

  • over 62 miles (100 km) of range
  • six high-voltage lithium-ion batteries with each 420 V and 13.8 kWh (82.8 kWh total)
  • load-bearing capacity of up to 4.5 tons (gross weight of 7.5t)
  • permanent magnet electric motor – peak output of 135 kW and 399 Nm
  • 50 mph (80 km/h) top speed
  • fast charging in 105 minutes
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