Mitsubishi Fuso Truck & Bus Corporation (Fuso), part of Daimler, boasted that the pilot fleet of all-electric Fuso eCanter trucks just covered one million kilometres (over 620,000 miles) of mileage in customer operations.

While we appreciate progress on all fronts of electrification, the results don't sound too impressive when combined with the number of around 150 vehicles eCanter (on average over 6,600 km), especially since the first were handed over in 2017.

It seems that the 7.49 tonne EVs, envisioned for inner-city short-range distribution, does not drive much, staying within range of 62 miles (100 km). Daimler explains that usual daily mileage is between 30 to 80 km (18.7 to 50 miles).

Hartmut Schick, President & CEO at Mitsubishi Fuso Truck & Bus Corporation and Head of Daimler Trucks Asia:

"With more than one million kilometres driven in daily operations in seven cities on three continents, our FUSO eCanter has proven its reliability and series production capability. At the same time, we are obtaining valuable information for the development of the next generation. FUSO thus continues to underscore its pioneering role in the field of electric-powered commercial vehicles."

Currently, the fleet of 150 vehicles is used in New York, Tokyo, Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Paris and Lisbon, while more deliveries are set to follow successively.

The pilot production takes place in Kawasaki, Japan and in Tramagal, Portugal.

The current generation of Fuso eCanter in small-series production is just the beginning and Daimler is using it mainly to collect data and feedback to develop a better product for large-series production.

"Currently Daimler engineers are collecting data and feedback on the daily operation of the vehicle, route profiles and charging characteristics together with customers. This information then flows into the ongoing development of the next generation of the FUSO eCanter."

Fuso eCanter specs:

  • over 62 miles (100 km) of range
  • six high-voltage lithium-ion batteries with each 420 V and 13.8 kWh (82.8 kWh total)
  • load-bearing capacity of up to 4.5 tons (gross weight of 7.5t)
  • permanent magnet electric motor – 129 kW (180 hp)
  • 285 Nm of continuous output
  • 50 mph (80 km/h) top speed
  • fast charging in 105 minutes

Few videos about the Fuso eCanter:

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