Official info found in the Tesla Model Y owner's manual reveals that the electric crossover is not rated to tow. This contradicts earlier reports suggesting it could tow, even if the expected maximum weight rating would've been on the low side.

The same is true for the Tesla Model 3, meaning that it's not equipped to tow either (at least in the U.S.). However, the manual states this in the towing capacity section for the Model 3 "towing is not permissible," whereas for the Model Y the manual states "Model Y is not equipped with towing." Perhaps it will be equipped at a later date then?


This inability to tow could deter buyers who were eagerly awaiting the Model Y with the promised towing ability. Remember, it was back in March of 2019 when Tesla definitively stated that the Model Y would be rated to tow. That's when Tesla's chief designer Franz von Holzhausen told members of the Tesla Owners Club Norway that the  Model Y would be equipped to tow. Maybe that will still hold true for Europe, but here in the U.S., towing with a Model Y is a no go.

Aftermarket solutions will surely emerge that allow the Model Y to tow. However, with Tesla stating this is not allowed, expect towing to void any warranty concerns that could be connected to the extra weight pulled behind the car and/or any modifications that alter the car to add a hitch.

Oddly, Model Y prototypes have been spotted with tow hitches, which makes this all even more confusing. Again, maybe the testing is for over in Europe or perhaps towing will be added at a later point in time. Officially, the Model 3 in Europe is rated to tow a bit under 2,000 pounds and its tongue weight maxes out at around 200 pounds.

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