BMW was planning to reveal the concept i4 at the Geneva Motor Show.  However, because of concerns for spreading the COVID-19, organizers canceled the show. That's a problem for BMW because the i4 is a very important vehicle for them, and they really want to show off what they've been working on. Part of getting the word out includes this 30-second commercial.

It's such an important vehicle for BMW, that they gave us not one, but two concepts for it. We were at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show when BMW introduced the "BMW i Vision Dynamics", the first concept of this vehicle. Now, 30 months later, BMW gives us a second concept, one that is closer to what the production version will be. As for the importance of the i4, BMWBLOG, one of the top all-BMW sites recently said of the i4: "In fact, it has the chance to be the most important car(BMW) since the M1."

bmw i vision dynamics 2017 IAA 3
The BMW i Vision Dynamics was first introduced in 2017 at the Frankfurt Motor Show

The i4 will be BMW's first serious swipe at reclaiming some of the market share it lost to Tesla. It's set to be released in 2021, and will use of the automaker’s fifth-generation eDrive hardware, which will have the electric motor, reduction gear transmission, and power electronics all in a single housing.

BMW Concept i4
bmw i vision dynamics 2017 IAA rear 2

                                                         The evolution of the two BMW i4 concept vehicles

The i4 will have 523 horsepower and an 80 kWh battery which BMW claims will power the vehicle for 600 km. That translates to 373 miles and unless BMW incorporated some magic or witchcraft in the engineering, the range figure will be much lower once the vehicle gets its EPA range rating.

It's possible BMW is using the old NEDC range rating estimate rather than the WLTP, which is much more realistic. We're thinking the EPA range rating will be about 225 miles per charge, but we'll have to wait a bit for that. 

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