How about a hidden Tesla Cybertruck to brighten your day? Check out Tesla's Camp Mode wallpaper and you may see the obscure Tesla Easter Egg hiding in the distance. There's little doubt the Tesla all-electric pickup truck will be a superb choice for folks that love camping.

The Cybertruck Owners Club forum is always looking for the latest story. This makes perfect sense since the all-electric pickup truck won't come to market until at least 2021, so there may not be a whole lot to cover. However, if the Cybertruck's launch plays out like that of the Tesla Model Y, we may see it surface sooner rather than later. We can only hope, right?

While the above hasn't been the case with Tesla's previous vehicles – actually the company has developed a reputation for always being late and behind on its promises – the automaker seems to be heading in a new direction after enjoying a few profitable quarters and recent stock successes.

The Cybertruck Owners Club forum shared this recent Tesla Easter Egg with us (lead image above ⇑). The most interesting part is that no one caught this before now. As it turns out, the Tesla Cybertruck appears to be in the background, but this image came along before Tesla ever publically revealed the truck. Another user responded showing a second "hidden" Cybertruck from way back in November of 2019. It's clear as day in the top left image shown below.


The moral of the story here is we all need to look much more closely at images Tesla shares. Perhaps we could have known more about the Cybertruck ahead of its launch and saved you from all those "glorious" renders!

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