Something exceptional has been happening with Tesla's stock price in recent days, as the prices keep surging to levels as high as $968.

The current price is $887, which is $107 or almost 14% more than a day earlier ($780 after a 20% increase).


Teslarati noted that at $780 per share, the carmaker’s valuation hit $140 billion, exceeding Volkswagen (close to $91 billion) and BMW (almost $46 billion) combined (over $136.5 billion).

At the moment, the price of $887 translates to a market cap of $160 billion and it might not be the end. General Motors ($49.4 billion) and Ford ($36.6 billion) together were at $86 billion.

At some point the market valuation might be so high that Tesla will be tempted to acquire some serious players (suppliers for example) through a merger.


We are not sure what to expect tomorrow - one more surge to $1,000, a major collapse or maybe it will not change much - but at least for now, it seems that Tesla is learning to fly like SpaceX's rockets.

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