The number of options is limited if you're looking for a three-row seven-seat premium SUV that provides solid performance. Moreover, there's only one option if you're looking for an all-electric crossover that fits the bill: the Tesla Model X

The Model X has no direct competitors in the EV space, at least for now. Sure, the Audi e-tron and Jaguar I-Pace are luxury electric SUVs, but they're much smaller and only offer two rows of seats. If we look at gas-powered German luxury SUVs, there are a handful that offer the space and performance to rival the Tesla crossover.

In this recent matchup, carwow chooses the BMW X7 M50i and the Mercedes GLS to pit against the Tesla Model X. Not only do they focus on racing, but also many other aspects of the vehicles. The publication calls the Bimmer the most impressive on paper, though the Mercedes will save you the most cash. Of course, the Model X is truly unique and it offers plenty of range and excellent infotainment and tech features.

Check out the video for all the details. Then, hit up the comment section and tell us if you think the Model X is worthy.

Video Description via carwow on YouTube:

BMW X7 vs Tesla Model X vs Mercedes GLS ... DRAG RACE and REVIEW!

The BMW X7 M50i, Tesla Model X and Mercedes GLS are three upmarket SUVs that offer luxury and performance. But which of these three seven-seaters is most worth putting on your shortlist? The X7 M50i is the most impressive on paper, with its 4.4-litre, eight-cylinder engine and 530hp. But should you get one over the Model X, with its 314-mile driving range and fantastic infotainment? Or how about the GLS, which proves the cheapest but still packs loads of luxury? Let’s find out!

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